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personal trainers in amsterdam Angela en Niels

We have been transforming eating and exercise habits for 10 years



personal training in amsterdam

Get tailor-made personal training and nutritional advice from reliable training and nutrition experts with 10 years of experience.

In the private training studio in Amsterdam or 100% online.

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Weet je niet waar je moet beginnen?

Geen zorgen. Wij helpen graag!

Targeted training and healthy eating?
We make it simple.

from Santiago - Amsterdam

“Life changing! Real! I went to Body Masters hoping to get 'just' a training plan and what I got was a whole new world of knowledge and a broader perspective from Angela.

She has absolutely changed my life by giving me guidance, confidence and strength in my new, healthy life! I am forever grateful to them. I highly recommend them!

They are game changers!”

the right support and experienced guidance

No more countless "I'll start tomorrow".

Whether it's being stuck in bad eating habits, avoiding exercise, or struggling with negative thoughts about yourself; it can be difficult to break this cycle.

We structure, motivate and guide you through all the steps you need for a healthy and fit body.

vrouwelijke personal trainer en voedingsdeskundige Angela Oosterling

"What should I eat" becomes the easiest question of your day with a custom meal plan

Train smarter and more effectively with us as your personal trainer in Amsterdam.

This is how we help.


generate data


planning & structure


nutritional advice


personal training


training schedule


During the intake we generate data regarding body composition, exercise pattern and eating pattern. After the exercise screening, we see how your body moves and which muscle groups need extra attention. This is how we determine your starting situation.

We will give your exercise and eating habits more direction and structure, based on what you need.

We provide essential nutritional tips that match your goals. Our sports dietitian can also draw up a tailor-made eating plan.

You will train specifically towards your goal. We look at over- and under-active muscle groups and starting situation. As an absolute beginner, we will teach you how to train and feel a specific muscle group. Develop body control.

Optional for more experienced athletes. We offer tailor-made training plans so that you can work in the gym with confidence.

We not only pay attention to physical health, but will also provide emotional support. We can support your mental well-being with the help of targeted questions, critical reasoning and professional conversation techniques.

physical and metal guidance

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