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angela en niels personal trainers amsterdam

Meet your personal trainers

personal training in amsterdam

We are Angela and Niels: two passionate coaches who have been working together for almost 10 years. We complement each other perfectly, so that you receive the best possible guidance.

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Reliable and committed personal trainers
Amsterdam with 10 years of experience

angela oosterling en niels duinmaijer

Inspiring and motivating as a "power couple"

Few people know that we are a married couple. We met years ago as interns in a gym in Amsterdam. Our passion for health has brought us together.

We have built both our bodies and our three companies from scratch, always with a lot of passion, mutual support and perseverance. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge. With us you not only receive guidance, but also motivation and support from a team that really supports your personal growth and has endured all the difficulties themselves.

This couple is professional, dedicated and knowledgeable.

6 fun facts about us

1 / Gaining and losing weight

Years ago Niels was skinny with little muscle mass. Angela, on the other hand, was overweight and had an unhealthy lifestyle her entire young adult life.

2 / Three companies together

Body Masters, SUPPLEAM® and Training Boutique are all part of our business portfolio.

3 / From the army

Niels served in the Air Brigade, where he discovered the value of discipline and tranquility, elements that now form the basis of his approach.

4/ Tien jaren in hospitality én kustacademie

Angela, a true foodie with a passion for fine dining and hospitality, always looking for the highest quality experiences. With a background in art school, she has a creative mind with an eye for detail and she thinks in solutions that are not always obvious. Fun fact: Angela created this entire website herself! Also nice, as an influencer on Instagram she creates content around fine dining experiences, but also healthy recipes.

5 / Niels kon niet koken

His first meal for Angela was whole wheat pasta without sauce.

Many years later and inspired by Peruvian cuisine, he can now make rice and his own twisted version of Peruvian “lomo saltado”.

6 / Angela, een ras- Amsterdamse met Peruaanse roots

Angela is a real Amsterdam native. She has an Amsterdam father, born and raised in the Red Light District. Her late mother was Peruvian, temperamental to the core.

Angela Oosterling

About Angela Oosterling

  • Instagram

BSc Sports Dietitian, NSCA personal trainer, ISAK anthropometrist

Angela is a very experienced and caring coach with a clear mission: to help as many (especially) women as possible build towards a confident, stronger body and mindset.

Her transformative coaching techniques often motivate people to completely reinvent themselves and thus lead to fundamental lifestyle transformations. Always with a no-nonsense, scientifically based approach for lasting results. "How do you treat your body and why?"


optimize body composition women

lose fat, build muscle


nutrition and diets

also vegan, IBS and disturbed eating behavior


low back complications

also for chronic back pain, hernia, lumbago, sciatica

Niels Duimaijer

About Niels Duinmaijer

  • Instagram

NASM and FMS personal trainer, CIOS exercise psychologist

Niels developed the foundation for his approach during his time in the army. He uses a very calm, yet disciplined approach to guide you through challenging training sessions.

Niels emphasizes the importance of mobility and functional movements. He often receives referrals from chiropractors and physical therapists.

Niels has strong bonds with his clients and feels a deep responsibility for their well-being.


optimize body composition men

build muscle, gain weight, lose fat mass


posture corrections and mobility

also for chronic back pain, knee pain and neck pain


training during illness & stress

also during extreme work and emotional stress

van Santiago - Amsterdam

“Life changing! Real! I went to Body Masters hoping to get 'just' a training plan and what I got was a whole new world of knowledge and a broader perspective from Angela.

She has absolutely changed my life by giving me guidance, confidence and strength in my new, healthy life! I am forever grateful to them. I highly recommend them!

They are game changers!”

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