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vrouwelijke personal trainer amsterdam Angela Oosterling

strengthen your feminine body, restore your inner strength

personal training in amsterdam

I help women with personal 1:1 figure-shaping workouts, tailor-made diet plans & transformative no-nonsense coaching. I am Angela, a female personal trainer and BSc sports dietitian in Amsterdam.

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I found Angela at a time in my life when I really didn't know if I would ever be able to make the changes I wanted or become the person I wanted to be. I didn't know if that was even possible after years of trying different things and seeing no results.

I decided to confide in her and here I am: a year and a half later in my healthiest, strongest, driest and most confident body. I couldn't have done this without her expertise, patience, support, professional approach and motivating words.

When in doubt, please take this stranger's word for it: trust Angela and

You will have no regrets :)

-A. Bianco

Angela Oosterling female personal trainer amsterdam

I'm Angela, your female personal trainer

Hello! I am Angela, a scientifically trained personal trainer and BSc sports dietitian from Amsterdam with 10 years of experience.


I am a real fit foodie, who can teach you how to eat and live deliciously and healthily, partly due to my 10-year background in hospitality.


I specialize in:

  • weight loss and shaping feminine bodies

  • nutrition and diets (incl. emotional eating, vegan, IBS)

  • lifestyle transformations

  • lower back problems

  • female physiology

In the two years I ended up losing over 30 pounds, building a lot of muscle mass and feeling the best I have ever felt about my body both physically and mentally. Angela is not only a great professional, but also a very nice person.

-R. Medico

fit woman in bikini

The female body
is complex, I get that

Did you know

  • it's hormonally determined where you store fat

  • women more often have a complex relationship with food than men

  • our menstrual cycle affects our energy and strength levels

  • when we have our period, certain exercises cause more complaints

  • our menstrual cycle influences what type of food we crave

  • We often feel uncomfortable at the gym when men are watching.

  • We shouldn't  accept male personal trainers touching us or being in our line of sight while training.


Good news! I have smart methods to deal with all of this, so that you can work effectively towards your goal and feel safe and supported.

From insecure to confident bombshell. We'll do it together!

Don't know where to start?

No problem. I'll help you with that!

vegan proteïne shake voor vrouwen

Are you just "winging it" with food and exercise ? Never again.

Start this week with:

  • structure in the diet, exercise pattern, strength training and cardio

  • year, month, week and day organization regarding nutrition and training

  • learning to eat functionally and purposefully

  • learning to move and train purposefully


Stop “winging it” or copying what others are doing. Transformation starts with basic knowledge of eating and training, focused on YOUR personal needs and goals.

All plans

intake and exercise screening

24/7 customized coaching

basic tailor-made nutritional advice

basic, tailor-made exercise advice

tailor-made mobility advice

cardio recommendations

Personal Training

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