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Personal trainers amsterdam Angela Oosterling en Niels Duinnmaijer

Train smarter, maximum results

personal training in amsterdam

Are you looking for results, motivation or a stick behind the door? With us as your personal trainers you can effectively achieve your goals. Together, step by step.

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As your personal trainers, we create the perfect training plan

Alle plannen zijn inclusief:

personal training 100% tailor-made

intake and exercise screening

24/7 customized coaching

basic tailor-made nutritional advice

basic, tailor-made exercise advice

mobiliteit-adviezen op maat

tailor-made cardio advice

Don't know where to start?

No problem. We will help you with that!

vrouwelijke personal trainer amsterdam - training voor vrouwen

You don't need motivation.

We're going to do things differently.

We help you develop lasting behavioral changes, self-discipline and dedication, so that you never have to depend on motivation again.

What you need is a clear goal and a strong, but achievable plan. We support you on the days when perseverance is crucial.

Angela has a brilliant way of working which is quite unique. As a nutritionist, personal trainer, and coach, she has helped me not only achieve my fitness objective but also cultivate a lifestyle and mindset that sustains the best version of myself.”

V. Lorenzetti

mobiliteit training

Never be unsure again

you are doing well.

As your personal trainers, we teach you how to train with purpose, how to connect with your body, how to control muscle groups and how to make progress with your body composition and mindset.

After the exercise screening, we see which muscle groups are overactive and which need extra attention. This is how we build your body with a tailor-made plan.

I've been training with Niels for two years and would highly recommend him. Niels keeps the workouts challenging and interesting with varied programs that change from session to session. He's also happy to customize workouts to fit specific requests. I've seen a steady improvement in my strength since I've started working with him and find the training to be a perfect complement to my yoga regime.

- J. Paperman

How does it work?

rugoefeningen voor vrouwen


Intake and exercise assessment

During your first session we analyze your initial situation, goals and preferences. With a movement assessment we test your body control and identify any muscle imbalances. We also evaluate your body composition and diet to create a targeted step-by-step plan, including nutritional advice to support your goals.


Beweeg- en voedingspatroon optimaliseren

We also advise you on your daily exercise pattern, regardless of the training sessions. This is important to be able to provide targeted nutritional advice, but also to check whether you are meeting the exercise guidelines for optimal health that can support your goals.


Continuous physical and
mental guidance

We not only pay attention to your physical health, but also provide emotional support. Using targeted questions, critical reasoning and professional conversation techniques, we support your mental well-being during the personal training sessions.

voedingsadvies amsterdam met eetschema voedingsschema

How much should you eat?

Find out how much you need to eat to lose or gain weight. We calculate your required calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats for your goals. You can adjust your diet with our simple tips and advice.

Our BSc sports dietician Angela is ready to assist you for a detailed nutrition plan or in-depth guidance.

Personal Training

All plans

intake and exercise screening

24/7 customized coaching

basic tailor-made nutritional advice

basic, tailor-made exercise advice

tailor-made mobility advice

tailor-made cardio advice

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