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Maximize Your Gym Time - No More Guesswork

a tailor-made gym workout plan

Do you keep ending up on that treadmill? Or have you been training for a long time, but still not seeing any results? We'll help you with a custom workout plan. 100% online or partly 1:1.

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Reliable and committed personal trainers
Amsterdam with 10 years of experience

trainingsschema voor vrouwen

Which exercises and how often? We provide clarity

We offer clarity about how often you should train and which exercises best suit your goals. Get a training plan created with illuminating video instructions.

Our 10 years of experience in the fitness field will help you design a tailor-made training plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs, so that you can train effectively and efficiently.

How does it work?

1 / Intake and exercise assessment

New members start with an intake interview and extensive exercise screening. This can be done in our training studio in Amsterdam or 100% online

If you choose an online course, we will use 3 submitted videos to evaluate which muscle groups are compensating, whether there are mobility problems and which muscles are in poor condition. We design your training program based on this.

2 / Receive your workout plan - 100% customized

Based on the information collected we will design a 100% tailor-made training program. After payment you will receive an intake form and video instructions for the assessment. We need 3-5 working days to design your program. You can easily receive your training schedules via your personal online folder that is in the hands of your personal trainer.

3 / This is what your training schedule looks like
  • Every week is different, with different reps, weights, sets and tempos, to ensure you're always pushing your limits for optimal progression.

  • Split Schedule: Choose between 3-5 training days per week, depending on your starting level and preferences

  • Focus on Specific Muscle Groups: We focus on the areas that need the most attention for maximum results.

  • Mobility: Increase your flexibility and get the most out of your exercises with prior targeted mobility exercises.

  • Cardio: Exercise more, improve your endurance and burn extra calories with a specially designed cardio program.

4 / Online coaching

Receive professional guidance and support remotely with our online coaching. Easily contact us Monday-Sunday via email or WhatsApp,

trainingsschema voor spieren aankomen

No time wasted

at the gym

Stop running endless laps in the gym.

We organize your training plans so that you can achieve maximum results in minimum time. Our goal-oriented approach ensures that every minute you spend in the gym is used effectively, helping you make faster progress towards your fitness goals.

J.Paperman - Amsterdam

I have been training with Niels for two years now and I would highly recommend him. Niels ensures that the training sessions remain challenging and interesting with varied programs that change from session to session. He is also happy to adapt the training to specific requests. Since working with him, I have seen a steady improvement in my strength and find the training a perfect addition to my yoga regime.

We design your tailor-made workout plans

All plans 

(online) intake and exercise screening

(online) 24/7 customized coaching

split schedule for 2,3,4 or 5 days

instructional videos

tailor-made mobility advice

custom cardio advice

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